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Manjaro XFCE 16.12 on Raspberry Pi 2


Going into this I thought there was no way the Raspberry Pi 2 would handle this. To my surprise it was ok…mostly. Loading the sdcard was easy; dd, boot, resize, done. After getting the base setup I ran updates, changed the password, and was ready to take it for a spin. Things worked rather well. I was able to quickly flip through the system and only stumbled into minimal issues. Issue #1 Manajaro Settings Manager took some convincing to get to open. Issue #2 Clicked the user avatar, mugshot not installed, tried to install mugshot, not in the repo. Minor issues though, no showstoppers. Then it happened. I opened Chromium, signed in to a Google account, the opened a Google Sheet. 1st try after a couple minutes it crashed. 2nd try it worked but required a couple minutes of waiting. While I am liking Manjaro on the Pi I think I’ll have to put this sdcard in the Pi3 because the Pi2 struggles when trying to do real things.

RetroPie on Raspberry Pi 2


I’ve been using Raspberry Pi since the original came out and I have tried a lot of different setups but none I find as good as this. RetroPi was a quick setup on the SD card, I then configured my XBox 360 controller’s mapping, and loaded ROMs. After playing a few games I realized I had to swap the mapping for the A and B buttons. I’m not sure if this goes for all XBox 360 controllers or if it is because I am using an off brand controller. Either way it was not a big deal. Since getting it setup I have played a number of NES games, some Genesis and SNES games. What I have put the most time into though are PSX games. I have completely played through a handful of games for PSX without an issue. In fact, so far the only issue I have had was with N64 games but I have only tested one game so far. The only downfall I find for RetroPi is that it does not play PS2 games. I get that that is asking a bit much but after using RetroPi, looking at my dusty PS2 sitting next to it makes me want to play those games as well.

OpenElec 6.0.3 on Raspberry Pi 2

OpenElec 6.0.3 RPi2.png

This is my main SD card for my Raspberry Pi 2. OpenElec takes Kodi and cuts out all the unnecessary OS crud. This is perfect for a Raspberry Pi and its limited specs. Its also low maintenance and easy to upgrade. I’ve been running this since OpenElec 5 and updates involve dropping a couple files in a folder and rebooting. If you have a Raspberry Pi this is definitely worth a try. If you are not familiar with Kodi I’d suggest getting used to it on a normal PC first so you can quickly bounce around (trust me, don’t try to figure Kodi out on Android).

Ubuntu MATE 15.10 on Raspberry Pi 2

Ubuntu MATE 15.10 RPi2

Before wiping and reloading this SD card with Ubuntu MATE 16.04 I decided to take another quick look at this OS. It doesn’t have the level of programs that Raspbian has but aesthetically it is great. When I got my original Raspberry Pi I understood it lacked the power to worry about looks. Its nice to see that it now has the power to push a decent looking UI. One issue I found with Ubuntu MATE is the short lifespan. While Raspbian versions don’t change often, Ubuntu versions come out every six months. While that is fine for some PCs, I don’t feel like rebuilding a Raspberry Pi that often. Playing with this actually makes me more eager to try Manjaro on the Pi.