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ROSA Fresh KDE R7.png

It’s like the LXQt version but more shiny and it comes with KDE4 so it is stable. It could benefit from less preinstalled but it is not the overwhelming amount most KDE distros have. It is a good KDE distro but I am not sure how I feel about urpmi based distros. Pacman and apt-get have spoiled me and makes yum, dnf, and urpmi just feel slow. One issue I have is this distro is rather resource heavy.

ROSA Fresh LXQt R7

ROSA Fresh LXQt R7.png

I grabbed the ISO for R6 from ROSA’s website but when I ran updates it upgraded to R7. I wish they would have had the ISO for R7 on the website as the update took forever. Besides the time spent updating, this distro is pretty good. LXQt worked without the issues I have seen in the past. Actually LXQt worked great and is lightweight. Once an R7 ISO comes out for LXQt I plan to take it for a spin on real hardware. Until then I think I’ll checkout the KDE spin and see if it is as good.

PCLinuxOS 2016.03

PCLinuxOS 2016.03

After over a year without a new ISO, PCLOS finally release an updated ISO. It’s still KDE4 and overfilled with preinstalled programs. It’s stable, uses apt, and has all the drake programs. Besides the stability, all of these can be considered positive or negative depending on the user. I like KDE4, I like apt (even if PCLOS’s version is missing a few commands), and I used to like the drake programs. At this point I think they drake programs feel outdated and unnecessary though. While I have no urge to get this up and running on real hardware it is a distro I like to keep an eye on as I believe it is the best of the distros to come from Mandrake.

Mageia 6 Dev1

Mageia 6 Dev1

The first thing I noticed was it was not a live CD, it booted right into the installer. This is fine but with an over 4GB ISO I expected a live session. The installers feels a bit dated and in Virtualbox a number of the prompts don’t show up properly on the screen. Once I got it installed it seemed to run pretty well. Definitely the most stable KDE5 I’ve used recently. However the wallpaper did revert back to the default one a few times. As I ran updates I noticed 2 things: 1. Mageia tends to hang when rebooting in VBox 2. The icons in MCC all changed for the better. It wasn’t perfect but I’m looking forward to trying it again once the stable release arrives.

Mandrake 10.1 #TBT

Mandrake 10.1

This was the first distro I ran full time on a laptop. It worked great except wireless. For that I had to fight ndiswrapper to get working. I went from 10.1 to 10.2 then to Mandriva 2005. Each upgrade was another fight with ndiswrapper. I used Mandriva 2005 for awhile before deciding it was as good as Mandrake 10.1 or 10.2. I left Mandrake/Mandriva and each time I checked back in I just couldn’t get into it. Maybe it’s time to check in on Mandriva’s offspring again and see how they are.