RetroPie on Raspberry Pi 2


I’ve been using Raspberry Pi since the original came out and I have tried a lot of different setups but none I find as good as this. RetroPi was a quick setup on the SD card, I then configured my XBox 360 controller’s mapping, and loaded ROMs. After playing a few games I realized I had to swap the mapping for the A and B buttons. I’m not sure if this goes for all XBox 360 controllers or if it is because I am using an off brand controller. Either way it was not a big deal. Since getting it setup I have played a number of NES games, some Genesis and SNES games. What I have put the most time into though are PSX games. I have completely played through a handful of games for PSX without an issue. In fact, so far the only issue I have had was with N64 games but I have only tested one game so far. The only downfall I find for RetroPi is that it does not play PS2 games. I get that that is asking a bit much but after using RetroPi, looking at my dusty PS2 sitting next to it makes me want to play those games as well.


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