Month: February 2017

KDE Neon 5.9.2


It seems like I keep hearing about this distro so that means I had to take if for a spin. Right off the bat things were looking good. Ubuntu LTS base, up-to-date KDE, and minimal preinstalled software. The install was quick and painless. After rebooting back into the installed distro I was notified that I had updates available. The software updater is decent and ran without a problem. The only issue I could find is with the logon/lock screen and I know this affects all KDE distros. If you set the wallpaper and user image, the logon screen shows the wallpaper but not the user image and the lock screen shows the user image but not the wallpaper. It’s a small quirk but it is rather irritating. That aside, this distro is pretty great and it has earned its way into my list of distros I want to try on real hardware.

Manjaro XFCE 16.12 on Raspberry Pi 2


Going into this I thought there was no way the Raspberry Pi 2 would handle this. To my surprise it was ok…mostly. Loading the sdcard was easy; dd, boot, resize, done. After getting the base setup I ran updates, changed the password, and was ready to take it for a spin. Things worked rather well. I was able to quickly flip through the system and only stumbled into minimal issues. Issue #1 Manajaro Settings Manager took some convincing to get to open. Issue #2 Clicked the user avatar, mugshot not installed, tried to install mugshot, not in the repo. Minor issues though, no showstoppers. Then it happened. I opened Chromium, signed in to a Google account, the opened a Google Sheet. 1st try after a couple minutes it crashed. 2nd try it worked but required a couple minutes of waiting. While I am liking Manjaro on the Pi I think I’ll have to put this sdcard in the Pi3 because the Pi2 struggles when trying to do real things.

RetroPie on Raspberry Pi 2


I’ve been using Raspberry Pi since the original came out and I have tried a lot of different setups but none I find as good as this. RetroPi was a quick setup on the SD card, I then configured my XBox 360 controller’s mapping, and loaded ROMs. After playing a few games I realized I had to swap the mapping for the A and B buttons. I’m not sure if this goes for all XBox 360 controllers or if it is because I am using an off brand controller. Either way it was not a big deal. Since getting it setup I have played a number of NES games, some Genesis and SNES games. What I have put the most time into though are PSX games. I have completely played through a handful of games for PSX without an issue. In fact, so far the only issue I have had was with N64 games but I have only tested one game so far. The only downfall I find for RetroPi is that it does not play PS2 games. I get that that is asking a bit much but after using RetroPi, looking at my dusty PS2 sitting next to it makes me want to play those games as well.