Manjaro LXQt 16.11

Manjaro LXQt 16.11.png

What the hell? The terrible login screen is back. At least it is easy to change. Every release of LXQt is a little bit better and closer to being a proper LXDE replacement. After getting past the login screen this distro is pretty good looking. One problem I found though is some text in the settings windows is not visible due to the theme. There is also not an abundance of programs installed which I rather like. A slim install gives me the ability to install what I want and not waste time cleaning up the junk that was preinstalled. While I like where things are going, I still think LXQt isn’t ready for daily use. There are things that are part of LXDE that are missing and some things are there but don’t seem fully baked yet. While I was almost ready to take this to some hardware I hit a roadblock, the lxqt-common package won’t update due to an invalid signature. I got all the other packages updated but this is another quirk keeping me from finding actual use for this distro. After the new arch-keyring package arrived today I was finally able to update lxqt-common but this isn’t the first time Manjaro has had issues with updating packages.


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