Windows 8

Windows 8.png

Windows ME crashed constantly, Windows Vista ran terribly on almost all PCs available when it was released, but I believe Windows 8 beats both for the title of worst Windows release ever. When Windows ME wasn’t crashing things were usable. Similarly with Windows Vista, if you had enough power it was usable. Windows 8 on the other hand, doesn’t crash constantly and runs fine on most hardware. Where is falls apart is, it is completely unusable. The UI is a complete wreck. Drop someone in front of it and ask them to open a program without a shortcut on the desktop. See how long it takes for them to pull up even the Start screen. Then on top of that, wait for them to figure out how to get to the All Apps screen. There is also the garbage Charms bar which loves to popup when you don’t want it. Windows 8 is also the starting point for Windows jamming their terrible “Modern Apps” onto your PC. Windows 8 and 8.1 come with things like News, Sports, Stocks, etc. installed out-of-the-box. At least you can uninstall these apps. Windows 10 takes that idea and goes full on spam, installing the apps (and sponsored apps) out-of-the-box. Then even if you unistall them, it will reinstall after certain updates. This OS was a complete miss after probably the best Windows version ever, Windows 7. Windows 8.1 is not great either but when compared to Windows 8, it feels great.


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