LinuxMint KDE 18

LinuxMint KDE 18.png

Before it was released I had heard that LinuxMint was making a green theme. Not sure what happened as I see a lot of blue. I also see a lot of extra junk I don’t want. I started cleaning up only to realize I needed to allocate more resources to the VM as it was running terribly, not that this is weird for KDE (or Gnome for that matter). I then reboot and it decided that it was going to hang up multiple times while trying to enter my password. Not sure why that happened as it is running normal now. After reading that you probably think I hate the distro, actually after some cleanup I think it is great. Once it settled it felt much more usable than the other KDE distros I have tested. The only lasting issue I have is finding some good hardware to run it on physically. I’m also a little worried that I hear the LinuxMint team is having trouble managing this spin.


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