Manjaro JWM 16.10

Manjaro JWM 16.10.png

One thing I can say is every new Manjaro JWM release looks different from the last. This release isn’t bad but it does have a few issues. While it is labeled Manjaro JWM 16.10, it actually runs on the Manjaro 16.08 release. It also lacks the fakeroot and build-devel packages out-of-the-box. Neither of these are major issues and can be fixed/updated quite easily. I also needed to make a couple adjustments to the conky config but again, not a big deal. After getting this distro up-to-date nitrogen stopped automatically starting. It was still in JWM’s autostart file but I had to add sleep 5s to get it work again. While I do like this distro, the number of little quirks are a bit irritating. Even with the quirks I could see myself using this distro if my Manjaro Fluxbox install broke.


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