Month: November 2016

Ubuntu Budgie Remix 16.10


Is it better than Unity? Yes. Is it better than Gnome, Yes. Is it better than Cinnamon? I don’t know yet. From my testing this is a great spin. So good I am installing it on real hardware. This distro was recently made an official Ubuntu distro similar to Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Ubuntu Mate, and Ubuntu Gnome; so I had to take a look at it. From what I can tell, it bypasses some of the more terrible Gnome features. It is similar to Cinnamon in resource usage but I really like the layout. Once I start using it on real hardware this may change but I do think this spin is worth a try. It looks good, it has the huge Ubuntu repo behind it, and (something Gnome and Unity lack) it feels really usable.

Kali 2016.02 LXDE

Kali 2016.02 LXDE.png

First off a warning, give this distro at least 12GB. First try I gave it 8GB and it was so tight on space I couldn’t even run updates. If you’re looking for security tools, it got em… tons of them. As far as looks go it is a pretty basic LXDE setup, nothing special. It is a rolling release based on Debian testing so it should be pretty stable. Overall I wouldn’t use it as a daily driver but if you’re trying to do some security testing, Kali is the way to go.