LinuxMint 18 XFCE

LinuxMint 18 XFCE.png

After fighting with rolling release and bleeding edge distros, I decided I needed a VM of a stable distro that I didn’t need to worry about. I went with LinuxMint 18 XFCE as it is LTS, lightweight, and compatible with the piles of apps made for Ubuntu. Similar to LinuxMint 18 MATE, once I got this installed I needed to make some adjustments (but not as many) to the theme. I need a good dark theme and Mint-Y-Dark is perfect. Don’t forget to change the WM style as well though or you end up with some really ugly looking windows. All the LinuxMint versions have similar setups but XFCE is the easiest for me to tweak just how I want so I opted for it over MATE which is a bit lighter. The Cinnamon version is good as well but a bit too heavy for how I want to use it. I’m taking a look at the KDE version still but it is also heavy. I wish LinuxMint still had its Fluxbox version as LinuxMint 9 Fluxbox was great and ran awesome on a Pentium III laptop with only 256MB of RAM. Anyway back to the XFCE version. I wish it was a main version as it has been my favorite spin of LinuxMint for a few versions now. The roughly one month later release starts to become annoying especially when it is time for a major version jump and the packages fell very outdated. For a low maintenance and stable distro, this is a champ.


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