openSUSE Tumbleweed Enlightenment 20161003


First a bit of warning, I don’t regularly use openSUSE and every time I try it something happens which is a deal breaker. I remember trying it years ago when it was just called SuSE and it didn’t support the graphics card in my PC. Then during KDE4 I was told it was consistently the best KDE4 based distro. I tried it again and at that time time the repo was missing a lot of programs I needed. I attempted to install Tumbleweed roughly a month ago and I couldn’t get a working system after multiple attempts. I guess I should have read a bit closer. It seems the Live CD is not recommended for installing the distro and it is common for it not to work. This time I grabbed the net install ISO and had it install with no issues. I’m not a big Enlightenment fan but I decided to give it a go. It’s not terrible but it is still not for me. Why can’t I manually enter a file path!? I ran into some weird issues with certain icons not working without some tweaking but the software repo seems pretty decent these days. I was able to get what I needed installed with minimal fuss. Some of the quirks I’m not sure if they are an Enlightenment or OpenSUSE issue so I plan to take the OpenSUSE XFCE setup for a spin and see how that goes.


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