Antergos Openbox 2016.09.03

VM - Antergos Openbox 2016.09.03.png

If you like Manjaro you will probably like Antergos as well. They are both based on Arch and function similarly. The differ however on the installer. With Manjaro you download the ISO for the version you want, pick one of the three installers and end up with an install looking just like the live image. With Antergos it is one installer that lets you pick the version you want and letting you choose what features you want as well. While I’m not a fan of the live image using the Gnome DE, you only have to deal with that until you are done with the install. I went with the Openbox version and so far it has been great. You get a nice slim Openbox install needing minimal to no tweaking. Also as a big plus, Openbox auto generates its menus keeping it up-to-date as you add and remove programs. This distro left me happily surprised and I plan to definitely keep it around.


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