Windows XP #TBT

Windows XP.png

It is crazy to think about just how old this OS. We it came out I upgraded my PC with 192MB of RAM from Windows 2000 to it. It finally brought the much more stable NT kernel to a consumer OS. Before XP I dual booted Windows 2000 with Windows ME because 2000 was stable and ME could run my games. XP was great for its time but it stuck around way too long. New technologies kept getting bolted on causing a need for piles of extra drivers and convoluted installs involving floppy disks (try installing XP onto an SATA drive when they came out). On top of that XP turned into a virus and malware filled cesspool. The massive flop of Vista kept XP around even longer and while XP has been EOL for over 2 years now it is still being used in some places. Playing with it in a VM now reminds me how little resources it needed (most PCs still running it are in terrible shape at this point). It also reminds me of how dated it is.


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