LinuxMint MATE 18

LinuxMint MATE 18.png

I fired this up and was a little disappointed because the Cinnamon version came with a nice dark theme and this one came with a grey theme. Well a quick switch to the Mint-Y Dark theme and its looks absolutely great. I also ran into some issues while editing the MATE panel. After some testing and accidentally blowing out the whole panel I was able to get everything working the way I wanted. While the default LinuxMint MATE setup is not for me, a little bit of tweaking turned it into an absolutely great setup that I plan to continue using. The only issue I have is that LinuxMint versions are only based on Ubuntu LTS releases. While this is good for stability, after a year it starts feeling outdated and you will run into some newer hardware that doesn’t work correctly. Yes I know there are ways around this but the point on LinuxMint is simplicity.


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