Manjaro Cinnamon 16.06

Manjaro Cinnamon 16.06.png

It got Cinnamon 3 before LinuxMint, nice! When Cinnamon first came out it almost immediately became my DE of choice. Since then XFCE has stepped up and became just as good but less resource intensive. Besides getting the new version of Cinnamon, this distro now has yaourt installed by default. This is not a big deal but it eliminates a step I need to take when setting it up which makes me happy. The only thing I would change is the default wallpaper. Cinnamon is one of the few Manjaro spins that doesn’t follow the green scheme so it feels slightly off. With LinuxMint sticking to Ubuntu’s LTS releases, if I was looking for a distro that ran Cinnamon this would be my pick.


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