Manjaro JWM 16.06.1

Manjaro JWM 16.06.1.png

If you have been following the Manjaro JWM releases you will notice the theme has changed again. I have used the last 3 releases and it has gone from red, to orange, and now green. This time though it now fits in with the other Manjaro spins. Unlike most of the Manjaro versions, JWM still uses the Thus installer rather than Calamares. This doesn’t bother me as I actually like Thus better. What I don’t like though is the Conky widget. It’s not a bad widget but it lacks an easy way to set the weather. I comes set to Brazil and in Celsius. After some digging to find out the code for a nearby NOAA station I got it set where it needed to be. Unfortunately at this point I was irritated and didn’t feel like figuring out what needed to be done to get it switched to Fahrenheit. While on minor gripes, why isn’t fakeroot installed by default? I was getting annoyed try to get Chrome to install from yaourt when it kept failing (if you bother to read the error it only takes a minute to fix). These are minor though. I can replace the Conky widget and install fakeroot on my own. Big issues? There are none. I had the up and in use in no time. The only issue I have with this distro is do I upgrade my old Manjaro JWM physical install or start clean and get the new theme. Oh and the cursor blends into the background…


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