Windows 10 build 1511

Windows 10 build 1511.png

There is something I don’t trust about Windows 10. It’s not me just being anti closed source software. I’ve installed Windows 10 on a bunch of different hardware and as an OS it works well enough but something does not feel right. Maybe it is the fact it is being given away for free. Maybe it is because Microsoft feels the need to sneakily force it on Windows 7 and Windows 10 users. Maybe it is the fact that when you uninstall Windows Store apps they come back on their own. The last reason is probably the most irritating. I don’t want Candy Crush, and I don’t even know what Sway and 3dbuilder are but I’ve have uninstalled them on multiple machines only to see them come back later on. This brings me to another issue, why can’t I easily kill off Window Store Apps through GPO? MS is very big on being the OS for business but wants to keep installing games on my workstations. Overall Windows 10 works fine but that lack of trust is a constant ping in the back of my head.


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