Month: May 2016

Rebellin Linux v3 Gnome

Rebellin Linux v3 Gnome

I like distros based on sid but Gnome is not for me. Luckily Gno-Menu makes it less annoying. Unfortunately Rebellin decided the icons need to be big enough for blind people to see them. Being based on Debian means you get all the good stuff that come with that and being based on the sid repo means up-to-date packages. While I like Debian the older packages tend to make me go elsewhere. I have used sid based distros in the past and found that if you read up before doing updates you can also avoid a lot of breakage (I was fond of smxi as it tends to keep you on a safe path). Surprisingly I ran into no breakages while testing Rebellin even after a dist-upgrade.

Redhat Enterprise Linux 7.2 Server

RHEL 7.2 Gnome.png

If you don’t need support there is no reason to use RHEL. I found CentOS to be better due to the fact I never had to mess with the stupid subscription manager. I went with the default DE for RHEL and while it looks like old Gnome, it is not. It is Gnome 3 in classic mode but it will remind you it is new Gnome. It is resource heavy and provides no benefit over MATE. Would I use RHEL in a business environment? Yes. If I was just using it at home I would go with CentOS.