Month: May 2016

Rebellin Linux v3 Gnome

Rebellin Linux v3 Gnome

I like distros based on sid but Gnome is not for me. Luckily Gno-Menu makes it less annoying. Unfortunately Rebellin decided the icons need to be big enough for blind people to see them. Being based on Debian means you get all the good stuff that come with that and being based on the sid repo means up-to-date packages. While I like Debian the older packages tend to make me go elsewhere. I have used sid based distros in the past and found that if you read up before doing updates you can also avoid a lot of breakage (I was fond of smxi as it tends to keep you on a safe path). Surprisingly I ran into no breakages while testing Rebellin even after a dist-upgrade.

Redhat Enterprise Linux 7.2 Server

RHEL 7.2 Gnome.png

If you don’t need support there is no reason to use RHEL. I found CentOS to be better due to the fact I never had to mess with the stupid subscription manager. I went with the default DE for RHEL and while it looks like old Gnome, it is not. It is Gnome 3 in classic mode but it will remind you it is new Gnome. It is resource heavy and provides no benefit over MATE. Would I use RHEL in a business environment? Yes. If I was just using it at home I would go with CentOS.

Ubuntu MATE 15.10

Ubuntu MATE 15.10.png

I picked up one of my older laptops and realized I had this installed. When I first installed it I immediately like it. The only problem that kept me from making it a daily driver was the bluetooth issue. I paired my bluetooth speaker and it sounded terrible. Rather than fight with it I ended up relegating it to an OS that I played with from time to time.

Linux Lite 2.8

Linux Lite 2.8.png

I wasn’t sure if I would like this or not and I’m still not sure. When you boot the live CD it pops up a screen saying to update first. Since this is a live CD that won’t be much help. I got it installed, reboot, and it popped up that screen again. I clicked the button to upgrade but it failed. This I found is due to the Chrome repo needed tweaked and a signing key updated. At this point I had already bailed on their welcome screen and started updating from the console. On a positive note Lite Tweaks and Lite Control Center are pretty cool. Too bad that an apt-get upgrade completely broke it for me. I reinstall and started over and apt-get upgrade broke it again. At this point I gave up on this distro. If it breaks during the basics I’m not going to waste my time.


ROSA Fresh KDE R7.png

It’s like the LXQt version but more shiny and it comes with KDE4 so it is stable. It could benefit from less preinstalled but it is not the overwhelming amount most KDE distros have. It is a good KDE distro but I am not sure how I feel about urpmi based distros. Pacman and apt-get have spoiled me and makes yum, dnf, and urpmi just feel slow. One issue I have is this distro is rather resource heavy.

Manjaro XFCE 16.06-pre3

Manjaro XFCE 16.06-pre3.png

Somehow I completely destroyed my audio setup so I decided on a quick backup and reload. Not much has changed since pre1 but with GTK 3.20 out there are a lot of broken themes. Unfortunately I had to bench my all time favorite theme Menda Dark, for now and go with Vertex Maia Dark. I don’t like it nearly as much but it works good enough for now. This spin comes with kernel 4.4 by default but has 4.5 available in the repo. If you have a Skylake based XPS like me, installing 4.5 will get you wifi working without needing to mess around with Broadcom drivers which is nice.

elementaryOS 0.3.2

elementaryOS 0.3.2.png

I ran an earlier version of this in normal use a while back. I eventually bailed on it when I started running into programs not working right due to the theme. From what I can tell, they seem to have gotten this fixed. I know for sure they have for Remmina at least. This distro seems to work pretty well but it is not for me. It is made to work similar to OSX which is not my cup of tea. If you are looking for that though, then you definitely should give this a try. It has the look of OSX and runs really well.