Slackware 14.1

Slackware 14.1

Do you like pain? Is life not annoying enough for you? Well then Slackware is for you. The command line installer is simple enough but I did have it decide it couldn’t find the DVD one time. Also why is Lilo the default boot manager? I get that the ISO is out-of-date but this feels like I went back in time about 10 years. Once you get things up and running you need to update the system but before you do this, you have to manually pick a mirror. I made the mistake of going with a Slackware current mirror first and after updating slackpkg it decided it couldn’t find anything anymore. Take 2, I went with a Slackware 14.1 mirror and things went much smoother. Installing VirtualBox Guest Addtions, simple, mount the ISO and run the script. Want Chrome or a simple text editor like Leafpad? Well you’re going to need to download the source and SlackBuild (in Chrome’s case you’ll need to do some tweaking to the SlackBuild). Ok maybe it is not all that painful but it is a hassle and what does this hassle do for you? I’m not sure of the appeal of Slackware. To me it feels like it is just aimed at stubborn people who want to do things a specific way.


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